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Soothing the Sore Finger

sore finger joints Sore Finger Joints

Fingers are probably the most used parts of human body. The frequent activity involving fingers could sometimes lead to sore finger joints. Sore finger joints will bring with them not only pain but also distortion on activity due to the important roles of fingers. Proper treatment will provide quick pain relieve and quick recovery so your finger could back to duty in no time.

Simple Stretching

Sore finger joints could be caused by arthritis or strained muscles from overworking. Whatever the cause are, simple stretching and movement can help. Try spreading and stretch your fingers to the max while keeping your hand in line with the wrist for roughly ten seconds. And another ten seconds for bending the tip and the middle knuckles of your fingers. Do this simple set of movements for five cycles for each hand.

Warming the Joints

Warm treatment could soothe the affected joints. Heat can lessen the pain and it can loosen the muscle. You could use any type of warming agents, hot water in bottles, electrical warmer blanket or pad, or hot packs. Whatever your pick, make sure it does not exceed 125 degrees. Keep compressing the affected joint until the pain subsides. Use some protection layers to avoid burns.


Sore finger joints could be treated by taking drugs. Drugs used to immediately treat sore finger joint are typically the medications for treating inflammation and relieving the related pain. And for further treatment you could take glucosamine supplements into your diets.


Contrary to popular belief, exercising and physical activity are a great cure for sore finger joint. It could be done by doing some simple moves.

Stretching is always the best way to start exercise. Start with slight stretching of fingers, opening and stretching the fist. Then continue that by clenching it tight and then repeat the whole routine. You could also stretch your fingers outwards and inwards, gently.

Playfully moving your fingers in random directions can also work wonder to cure sore finger joints. Pretend like you are trying to climb a ladder, playing imaginary guitar or piano; just keep your finger moving.

Applying some pressure to the fingers could relax and stretch the fingers joints. Put your palms together and tangle your fingers. Apply some pressure from both joined palms to the tangled fingers. Keep the pressure for four to eight seconds. Relieve the pressure and then repeat the routine for four to five times.

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