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Having gout is not again a nightmare if you have already known that there is a good drink for gout: water. The best thing is that water is not the only drink that is good to heal the pain and inflammation caused by gout. But of course, water is the most effective drink ever. If you have got gout, there is no way but drinking lots and lots of water. The sufferer should avoid from being dehydrated. Water is a really good catalyst that can help the body to excrete the excessive uric acid in the kidney. As a result, this can get the function of the kidney work well. The sufferer should have at least 8-12 eight glasses of water a day. However, not all kinds of water are recommended. Hard water is much more recommended than the soft one. Hard water is water that contains mineral and alkaline. This mineral water is a good alkaline in the body, but too much mineral water is also not good.

Drink for Gout: Milk and Orange/Berry Juices

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Based on several studies, milk is also good to decrease the amount of uric acid in the body. The sufferer is suggested to have a glass of milk a day regularly until gout completely disappears. The more the milk the sufferer consumes, the more the uric acid decreases.

This decreasing effect is also found if the sufferer consumes orange juice. Orange juice can also be a drink option for healing the pain or inflammation caused by gout. But, the effect of orange juice is not as much as milk. That is why it goes to the third after mineral water and milk. In addition to orange juice, there are also some fruit juices that are good for gout. They include strawberry, blackberry, bilberry, blueberry, raspberry, elderberry and black-currant. This family of berry is highly recommended after orange.

Drink for Gout: Black Tea and Green Tea

drinks for gout Drink for Gout Easily Found In the Kitchen

Tea is not only good for its antioxidant but also for its good effect for healing gout. Two types of tea that are highly recommended for gout are black tea and the green one. Both contain flavonoid antioxidant. This antioxidant works as well as the medication specially designed for gout. But of course, the use of black tea or green tea eliminate the side effect that might be resulted by the medication. Black tea is however much better than green tea because black tea contains more quercetin, which is a type of flavonoid in tea. It would be suggested that the tea extract is got from a traditional processing tea instead of tea that has already undergone the decaffeinated process. These drinks for gout are all effective, so you can just choose the best drink for gout that looks easier to find for you.

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